Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's been a crazy busy week here at HomeCents. Because our membership fee is only a dollar until March 15th, people are excited about trying our chemical free, more value for your money products. We're trying to keep up with the new customers in our online shopping club.
 I found a new way to keep my oak cupboards looking great. I use the Tough and Tender wipes to clean the outside of my cupboards. No more dripping water down my arms as I clean. I don't have to double back to dry the oak. Just a quick swipe with the wipe and they are not only free from dirt & grime, but also germ free. Yea. I love it !

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make every dollar work harder. We have three ways to ensure every dollar works harder when you shop with us. 1...We provide better value for products you use everyday for a lower price.  2...We have a lower price per use. because our products are concentrated. We save the environment with less plastic in the landfills.  3.. We have  products combining the best of science and nature  for kind solutions you can't find in the grocery store. Our is a shopping club like Costco or Sam's but with several benefits that the other clubs don't provide. $100. in free products is a good reason to try our club. You can't beat free.
News !  I found a natural mineral foundation from the earth that is combined with added moisturization, antioxidant vitamins C and E and SPF 15 for complete care. I love it because it comes in lots of shades and it lasts a long time. I have been using my container of mineral makeup for 10 months. I use it everyday. What a great value both in natural contents and in price. You should try it. It has a money back guaranteed.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Free ? In today's world ?'s true. Get $100.00 in free products for shopping with our family friendly club. Also get 30-40% off everything you buy. yea!


A big welcome goes out to Laurie Roth who just joined our amazing shopping club. She wants to save money. Yea! Laurie we're happy to have you with us.

Only $1.00

Yea!!   Only $1.00 membership from today until March 15th to be in our exclusive shopping club. You get great no-chemical products for your family and home. Also many benefits, including $100.00 in FREE products.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Laundry Soap Powered by Nature

There is really nothing else like our laundry soap. It's super-concentrated to require less water and a smaller, lighter bottle. This means less plastic waste and less money spent on detergent. It's also biodegradable and highly effective. The patented formula breaks through stains and the rinse guard keeps dirt from settling back on your clothes. You definitely want to try this out.

Eco-Friendly Dishwasher Soap

Here is a 100% natural, non-toxic dishwasher detergent that actually works! As a result of recent phosphate restrictions, traditional brands like Cascade are scrambling to develop effective phosphate-free detergents. But the negative reviews are popping up by the thousands. Our detergent has been phosphate free since 1994 and leaves dishes sparkling and free of residue. You'll also have peace of mind keeping this below your sink, since the non-toxic ingredients are harmless if accidentally ingested by children or pets. No child-proof cap required!

A Clean Bathroom Without All the Scrubbing

Now you can finally have a spotless bathroom without having to scrub at soap scum and residue for hours on end. Our bathroom cleaner works hard so you don't have to.

"I used to scrub my bath and shower with a scrub brush and a lot of time. Now, I use this bathroom cleaner and spray away tough soap scum and hard water stains. Without harsh chemicals or fumes, its so much easier to clean the bathroom. I love the concentrated formula because it lasts so long. I know I'm saving money as well as so much of my time." — Barbara (ID)

We Have a Cleaner for the Toughest Stains

Do struggle with tough-to-eliminate stains in your house? Are you tired of harsh chemicals as the only answer to cleaning up tough spills? We have a fantastic cleaner that works on walls, carpets, and furniture and is naturally derived and biodegradable. It has no chlorine bleach, ammonia, or other caustic chemicals which leaves your home safe and chemical-free.

But it still gets out the stains! This cleaner will remove marker on the walls, nail polish on tabletops, as well as grease, oil, tar, pet messes, gum, tree sap, glue, and other nightmares.

"This cleaner saved our carpet. I have five children and carpet everywhere in our house. From mud to grape jelly, our carpet has been saved many times." — Jennifer (MN)